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*minimum treatment time, some treatment options may require longer.

Treatment description

This face treatment combines the benefits of both skin peels, where we use the finest products from professional market leaders Nimue & the award winning world leading Dermalux LED Light.

Our skin peels are superficial chemical peels which only remove the upper layers of the epidermis (skin) and we recommend several peels of light depths to achieve similar results to one deeper peel treatment, without the soreness and rawness normally associated with chemical peel treatments.

Nimue 35% Glycolic Peel:

Takes your skin to the next level.

A specialised, deep exfoliating treatment that safely removes dead skin cells for improved texture & appearance.

Designed to:

– stimulate cell renewal

– boosts hydration

– helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles

– provides a more even skin tone

– helps fade hyperpigmentation

– refines skin texture

– improves radiance

Nimue Smart Resurafacer:

Our strongest peel often dubbed “the botox peel”due to the lift it gives.

It has all the benefits of a mid-depth peel with zero downtime.  This cutting edge treatment is designed to minimise tingling & discomfort, delivering maximum stimulation with minimal irritation.  A concept truly unique to Nimue.


– environmentally damaged

– hyperpigmented

– problematic

Designed to:

– smooth skin texture

– improve uneven skin tone

– improve radiance

– reduce pore size

– fade Pigmentation

– reduce fine lines & wrinkles at a deeper level

Single treatment = £125

Course of 4 = £425

Recommended course of 4 treatments, every 2 weeks for maximum results.

Please note:  In order to get maximum results from the course all the treatments need to be booked upfront and used within the time frame allocated.  Once the time frame has expired, any remaining ‘paid for’ treatments will be used at the discretion of the salon and the ‘free’ treatments become invalid .



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