Skin Discussion / Consultation

A detailed consultation analysing the skin to determine the best course of treatment and skin care.


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Minute Treatment*

*minimum treatment time, some treatment options may require longer.

Treatment description

Skin Discussion:

£25 for 30mins

Often clients are unsure of what treatment to book or what is suitable for their skin concerns and long term goals.

In this half hour, we discuss what your goals and expectations are and explain the differences between our wide range of specialised skin treatments. Helping to decide what the most suitable treatment would be.

We do not cleanse or analyse the skin but rather just discuss our treatments available and the protocols for each one.

Skin Consultation:

£40 for 45mins

A detailed skin consultation looking at your diet, nutrition, medication, lifestyle and skincare routine.

During this consultation we will analyse your skin using our professional skin analyser, take photos and then discuss your long term goals and skin concerns.

We will, together discuss a skin care plan with both treatments and home care products making sure it is manageable, ensuring to achieve your long term goals.


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Questions about a treatment? I’m here to help!

+44(0)7912 886612

It’s natural that you may have questions about a treatment. Feel free to contact us prior to a booking if you have query or need some advice about a treatment.

Claire x

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